naked yowie project

The Naked Yowie Project

The Naked Yowie Project.
NEWS off the press..NOOL is nearly ready after 18 months to come up with his 200th version of what his alcohol soaked "brain" thinks happened..all that time ago..
tap tap tap..come on..

"That is speculation and The Naked Yowie Project rejects speculative evidence. Simple."
This is the mission statement from something calling itself 'Nightwalker', which claims it is a psychologist.

Yet it writes like a vindictive and pretentious child and mixes unbalanced tirades that consist of unsubstantiated assertions, mixed with ex cathedra like crap and adds a dash of vilification and circular reasoning with a dash of defamation thrown in for good measure.
This site was created for Nightwalker because we realised he was too lazy and dishonest to do this.
Its far easier to cast ex-cathedra comments from the Mount..that are inevitable wrong..than actually do some work.
That way, we can compare his grand claims..with his actions.
Which is great fun..
Also, for added amusement, we have used the "botherers" who were his main witnesses to the "faked encounter"
Nightwalker, the fake academic, was so utterly desperate that he resorted to illegally posting up private emails on public forums.This revealed what a gutter dwelling creature he actually is.
It now lives online on hundreds of forums making his ridiculous claims.

Nightwalker has two choices with his 2 main sceptical witnesses who were there on the night in question.
Yes..we understand you would rather forget them as well..and for good measure might I add.!!
Bad luck..
1/Nightwalker has to accept that both are lying about their claims to hearing and seeing something very strange that night...and then accept their "new" version of the events.
Which was that nothing happened that night and they never saw or heard anything that night which was odd.
Which would leave him with having to accept that his two main dopey drunkard "eyewitnesses" lied initially and changed their story..and one had even been reduced to claiming he can teleport..
2/That the sceptical witnesses were telling the truth and did see and hear strange things that night, with one of them actually seeing the eyeshine of something bizarre within 15 metres of where Dean "faked" his encounter.
Which would leave him having to accept that Dean faked an encounter with a yowie...within 15 metres of a real yowie.
Either doomed.
As this "argument" has shown...
Hung by his own words and deeds...
Who would have thought it.
The End..but is it..?
Not by a long shot..tick..tock